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AdamDU 数据收集程序-600002028

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Adam DU 通过 RS-232 或 USB 连接,同时从多达八台 Adam 天平快速收集信息。 带有主命令窗口,便捷的应用界面可让用户查看和管理获取的数据

The Data Capture Utility for ADAM Balances & Scales

Adam DU (Data Utility) is an application that allows you to quickly and easily capture data from an Adam Laboratory Balance or Weighing Scale and perform various functions on the collected readings.

How Adam DU can help you

Adam DU can be used to perform various tasks, such as placing collected data into graphs, performing basic mathematical statistical analysis, and exporting readings to several common file formats. The software can quickly export data to other applications (e.g. MS Excel, MS Word or the Windows Clipboard) and provides basic remote control of a balance/scale*.

Adam DU can collect data from up to 8 different balances/scales simultaneously, each data collection session can be individually monitored, configured and customised to suit your requirements.

*(Note: Various Adam products have different remote facilities).

Minimum requirements

Please note: the minimum requirements for Adam DU have been changed to Windows XP SP2 with .net Framework v3 (see Download section for more details).


Adam DU can quickly provide you with data, which is easy to integrate into any project. The software license entitles you to use Adam DU on one computer.


New: Adam DU can now speak the readings received, allowing greater accessibility for visually impaired users or if you want to stay informed of a scale's progress whilst completing other tasks.

Quick and easy to use interface, supports capturing data simultaneously over a serial communication port(s) from up to 8 balances/scales.

  • Main Commander Window to manage and overview all data capture sessions.
  • Graph readings in real-time.
  • Perform statistical analysis on readings (Min, Max, Median, Mean, Variance, Standard Deviation) in real-time.
  • Export captured readings to several file formats (Text, CSV, HTML, XML).
  • Export captured readings quickly to other applications (such as MS Excel,MS word, etc.)*.
  • Export captured readings to the Windows® Clipboard for quick importing into other Windows® applications.
  • Capture custom data along with the scales data readings - supports up to 6 additional user defined data fields that can be input manually by a user.
  • Interact with the connected Balance/Scale - send remote commands to control certain aspects of the balance/scale (certain commands are only applicable to specific models). Ideal for situations where you may only have remote access to a scale/balance.
  • Log calibration reports to file for complete tracking of calibration records.
  • Log form output (custom defined multiple line data from a balance) to a file.
  • Continuously log readings to a file in real-time.
  • Print raw readings and the graphed readings.
  • Collect date and time with readings, where supported collect the Scale/Balances serial number for unique identification of data readings/balance.
  • Quickly search for readings - a specific reading(s), max or min reading.
  • You can download the user manual for a more detailed description of the Adam DU functionality.
  • Collect Density Determination readings when used with an appropriate balance and Density Determination Kit.
  • Collect unit weight, piece count, unit price and total price from counting and retail scales.
  • Capture Tare weight, Net weight and Total/Gross weight from any scale used for production line applications.
  • Speak all readings received from a balance/scale using the Microsoft® Speech Synthesizer engine (Windows XP and later).

*(You need a licenced copy of Microsoft®Word/Excel to use this facility)

AdamDU (数据实用程序) 软件让您轻松地捕获数据从达 8 不同的亚当设备的天平和秤为立即分析或导出到其他应用程序。不断的称量操作的严格管制和称重任务融入此综合数据收集实用程序的过程。


  • A 2-year warranty means quality assured for years of use.





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