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Washdown Scales

Adam Equipment offers a broad selection of durable, IP66, 67, and 68-rated washdown scales for all types of weighing tasks. All washdown scales can be thoroughly hosed down or washed with a pressure washer, as they incorporate stainless steel parts and watertight seals.

Ideal for use in many industries, Adam washdown scales are well-suited for weighing food and beverages, powders, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, or for any application needing a sealed scale for wet or dusty environments. This allows for removal of any residual particles after weighing, which minimizes the possibility of cross-contamination, removes dirt build-up and helps eliminate the growth of bacteria, mold or other toxins.

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Our Products

PT Stainless Steel Platforms

The ultimate durability option

Highlights: IP66 rating; 304 stainless steel pan; Reinforced frame

Capacity: 2500lb / 1000kg to 10000lb / 4500kg

Readability: 0.5lb / 0.2kg to 2lb / 1 kg

Aqua Washdown Scales

Get the Aqua wet without worry

Highlights: IP67 rating; Dual LED displays; A variety of applications

Capacity: 9lb / 4kg to 70lb / 32kg

Readability: 0.001lb/0.5g to 0.01lb / 5 g

Gladiator Washdown Scales

Industrial strength washdown protection

Highlights: IP68 rating; Stainless steel; Maximum efficiency 

Capacity: 16lb / 8kg to 330lb / 150kg

Readability: 0.001lb / 0.5g to 0.02lb / 10g

W Series Stainless Steel Platforms

High performance washdown protection

Highlights: IP68 rating; 304 stainless steel; Exceptional durability

Capacity: 16lb / 8kg to 330lb / 150kg

Readability: 0.001lb / 0.5g to 0.02lb / 0.01 kg

WBW Washdown Scales

Make checkweighing a breeze

Highlights: IP66 rating; Stainless steel pan; Multi-colored indicators

Capacity: 5lb / 2kg to 35lb / 16kg

Readability: 0.0005lb / 0.2g to 0.005lb / 2 g

WBZ Washdown Retail Scales

Portable and durable

Highlights: IP66 rating; Stainless steel pan; Compact for convenience

Capacity: 6lb / 3kg to 30lb / 15kg

Readability: 0.002lb / 0.001kg to 0.01lb / 0.005kg

What is a Washdown Scale?

Our range of industrial waterproof scales offers users high levels of protection from water, dirt and water ingress. They incorporate stainless steel parts and watertight seals and are well suited for weighing food and drinks, chemicals, powders and other messy subjects.  

These industrial scales remain accurate even in the toughest of environments, and are trusted to deliver high quality weighing results with every single use. 

Which Washdown Scale is Recommended for Industrial Use?

Adam Equipment currently manufactures four IP rated weighing scales, the Gladiator Washdown Scale, the Aqua Washdown Scale, the WBW Washdown Scale, and the WBZ Washdown Retail Scale. All of these scales are designed for the harshest industrial environments and have impressive IP66, 67, and 68 ratings. Our IP66 washdown scales are water-resistant and offer full protection against dust. Our IP67 and 68 scales protect against full immersion in water.  

What Does an IP Rating Mean?

An IP rating is a grading system that is used to determine a scale’s level of protection from foreign articles, such as dirt, dust and water. These substances can cause clogging and damage to the internals of a weighing device, which could lead to scales becoming inaccurate or not working at all. IP rated weighing scales are usually known as either as waterproof or washdown. 

The IP rating is split into two numbers, such as IP65. The first number highlights the level of protection from dirt and dust from entering the scale, in this case 6, which is the highest number possible. The second number indicates how well the scale is protected from water, in this case a 5, which means ‘limited ingress from jets of water’. An 8 is the highest protection from water possible. 

What are the Benefits of Using an IP Rated Weighing Scale?

Clearly, IP rated weighing scales offer waterproof protection, but what does this actually mean for businesses? One major benefit is that your waterproof scale will be equipped to handle harsh industrial environments where humidity, dirt, dust and sawdust is present, allowing users to focus more on what they are doing rather than keeping their scale out of the way. This extra protection also means that your scale is likely to last longer. 

Another benefit to using washdown scales is that they can be cleaned down thoroughly with ease, either by spraying, jetting or full submersion depending on the IP rating. This is especially crucial for food manufacturing environments where keeping equipment hygienic and clean at all times is absolutely crucial. 

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